Alert Management

Alert Management

A high-performance monitoring solution is a must for maintaining the health of critical business environments. These business monitoring platforms observe and record millisecond performance movements and provide granularity when irregularities arise, ensuring businesses have end-to-end visibility.

Whilst these solutions provide vital and essential analysis, the systems method of communicating information is based solely on alerts. Alerts are essential to monitoring, however, the essential information within them is often lost.

Multiple alerts are often sent out and received as static emails that detail information ranging from the source of a problem through to any remedial activity that may occur. If these are not read and stored / deleted immediately then they can quickly escalate and inundate both the user and an inbox.

Heed relies solely on a single, real-time and relevant status alert. Users are presented with easy to read, digestible, informative updates that automatically correlate and collapse, removing the need for multiple messages and unnecessary email traffic.

Aggregated View

Group monitoring events together into a single real-time Heed to reflect the active state of an associated service.

Admix Data

Multiple monitoring feeds simplified into one central location and automate communications surrounding them.


Instantaneously automate the sending of communications from multiple monitoring system via a central platform.


Automate remedial activities on remote systems with direct interaction from notifications with one-click action.