Approvals are an essential daily business activity within all organisations. They are often time consuming and labour-intensive tasks, that are mass generated by various systems and distributed to the users via email. These non-targeted approval emails are often irrelevant to the recipient and therefore neglected and redundant by the time the user has addressed them.

Heed streamlines the process by bypassing email and presenting the Approval request directly to the user. This removes unnecessary email clutter for other members of staff and demands speedier action from the relevant authority.

Target Approvals

Intelligently target specific approval groups using channel subscriptions that can be synchronized from common enterprise platforms.

Intelligent Workflows

Heed’s intuitive workflows allow you to define and set message behaviour unique to your organisations approval and operational process.

Eliminate Redundancy

Removes irrelevant or redundant approval requests that have been actioned or completed by another member of the Approval Group.

One-click Approvals

Present users with the relevant information in one central place to action approvals from multiple systems with just one click.

Intrusive Notifications

Present users with intrusive notifications across all devices that reflect the severity and importance of action required to complete urgent approvals.

Relevant Approvals

Remove redundant approval requests or activities that have been actioned or completed by another member of the Approval Group.


Approvals without E-Mail

Heed is a centralised platform that aggregates approvals from leading enterprise systems and distributes required actions to relevant users using stateful messages. This platform removes the need for confusing approval portals and multiple login systems often required to process approvals.

Our enterprise grade Heed mobile app extends this centralised user experience from desktop through to mobile, enabling and ensuring that approvals can be actioned on the move for the whole workforce.

Real-Time Data

View all gathered real-time data from external systems around an approval.

Automated Reminders

Automatically prompt users to action or complete approvals for approaching deadlines.

Bulk Action

Centralise group approvals from multiple systems for simplified bulk auctioning of tasks.

On the Go

View and manage approvals cross platform directly from the enterprise Heed mobile app.