Emergency Mass Notifications

Emergency Mass Notifications

Choosing the correct means and mode of technology to target large numbers of users in an emergency situation is a key requirement and one that can incur many pitfalls. The correct method of individual deployment and determining typical user reaction, are just some of the key decisions that have to be considered when mass notifications are sent. Typical means of mass distribution such as email, SMS, IM and the telephone can prove to be time demanding and fruitless in establishing contact with the appropriate user.

Heed replaces the need for uncertain and imprecise emergency notifications by intelligently targeting large groups of users simultaneously and relentlessly, using its unique rollover schedule of communication. Heed will attempt to connect to each individual using their primary contact method before persisting communication across all known devices until delivery of a notification is confirmed.

Ad-Hoc Notifications

Rapidly distribute mass communications to users in the most effective way possible when emergencies arise.

Targeted Waterfall Communication

Target tiered communication quickly throughout the workplace in in the most efficient and effective way possible.

User Feedback

Request acknowledgement directly from users via desktop or mobile devices in the event of emergency situations.

GPS Alerts

Utilise location based alert distribution to target end users when they enter or leave emergency affected areas.