How Heed Works

Transform your Digital Workspace through Heed's state-of-the-art PACT process

Because digital transformation is vital to ensuring any business stays ahead of the competition in today’s digital world, how this transformation is delivered has never been more important. Leading enterprise organisations across the globe trust Heed to deliver this transformation, why? Because our PACT is more than just a process, it’s a promise. A promise to deliver your digital transformation with unparalleled speed, service, and security.

Process Integration

The PACT process starts with the integration and connectivity of existing enterprise applications to Heed’s User Experience Portal. This allows for the consolidation of processes and tasks from across the organisation, giving the end user access to their entire digital workspace in one Smart Workfeed. This enhances the employee experience drastically, providing a seamless user experience across all enterprise applications.


By integrating existing systems with Heed, organisational usage challenges are managed providing  a user-friendly and functional workspace for your employees.

Expense Approval

In line with the Digital Transformation of today’s workplace, automation is an incredibly significant driver for all global organisations. The PACT system ensures that business processes are automated through the Heed User Experience Portal with ease, utilising our intuitive workflow builder. Whether it is automating communications, actions, or interactivity between platforms, Heed can revolutionise all of your company’s digital processes.


By automating existing processes across multiple platforms, they can be streamlined, enhancing their effectiveness and drastically improving key KPIs, all while providing a consumer-grade experience for end users. Through Heed’s advanced analytics, your enterprise will gain key insights into how processes could be more efficient and highlight areas for assessment, adding a layer of accountability to the process.


The PACT process simplifies traditional communication methods using omni-channel, actionable alerts. Where email would normally be the primary communication tool for your business processes, Heed entirely transforms the way that communications are distributed and targeted. This not only provides employees with a consumer-grade experience but also greatly increases the effectiveness of all communications.


Through Heed’s intelligent communication, the business can drive action from its end users, grabbing their attention when needed and increasing productivity ten-fold. In addition, targeting and distributing notifications in a more insightful way ensures that users only see communications when they are required to take action or their attention is vital. Heed eliminates the surrounding ‘noise’ that arises with typical forms of communication, further increasing productivity.

Heed Push Notification
Automated Comms

Heed functions as lightweight layer on top of your existing enterprise systems, automating and distributing their communications more effectively. When a business process requires action or attention, automatic communications are sent to relevant user groups, that update in real-time ensuring content is 100% accurate. When communications are no longer relevant nor require further action, they will be retracted and archived, ensuring employees onloy see communications that are relevant to them, reducing the time lost on outdated information.

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