Intelligent Communication

Keep users updated on process progress through intelligent omni-channel communication

Typically, large enterprises rely heavily on e-mail to distribute information to employees at each stage of any ongoing business process, while this may seem like the easiest way, it is highly inefficient and increasingly out-dated. Of course, e-mail is still an invaluable form of communication but within a business process it falls short of the mark.

Heed’s unique communication capabilities are designed to revolutionise the way users interact around a digital process. The Heed platform utilises intelligent alerts, allowing users to be targeted across multiple channels and take action directly in the notification, resulting in huge increases in productivity and efficiency, saving your enterprise time and money.  

Two- Way Integration

Enable users to take action directly from notifications, significantly reducing process length, as well as ensuring users don’t  lose time switching between multiple enterprise systems for a single process. Configure actions to feedback directly into all relevant enterprise systems from within Heed.

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Targeted Real-Time Alerts with Custom Branding

Target user groups with custom-branded communications suited to their individual needs. From alerting key stakeholders and senior management to a major incident to distributing corporate marketing to all employees, Heed allows you to personalise the content, distribution mechanisms, and design throughout.

Omni-Channel Communication

Ensure communications are seen by providing an omni-channel experience for your employees, targeting them on their device of preference or, for critical communications, target them via multiple channels to guarantee communications are seen.

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Automated Communications

Heed functions as lightweight layer on top of your existing enterprise systems, automating and distributing their communications more effectively. When a business process requires action or attention, automatic communications are sent to relevant user groups, that update in real-time ensuring content is 100% accurate. When communications are no longer relevant nor require further action, they will be retracted and archived, ensuring employees onloy see communications that are relevant to them, reducing the time lost on outdated information.

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