Major Incident Management

Major Incident Management

When major incident happens to arise in any organisation, effective communication is the most vital component required to extinguish any financial or reputational damage. A speedy recovery can only occur if appropriate management teams, correct technical resources and the end users are all assembled and informed collectively.

This coordination of personnel and expertise can add an extra burden to an already stressful environment and detract from the resolution of the major incident itself.

Heed's 'real-time' state based alerts and workflow automation can ensure that teams and users are assembled and presented with the information they require at the right time cohesively for accelerated awareness and remedial action.

Waterfall Alerts

Heed detects user activity and generates different message types to ensure receipt of critical messages.

Intrusive Notifications

Intrusive notifications provide rapid incident awareness to guarantee maximum interaction and response.

Mean Time

Heed's real-time messages engage and inform support teams immediately, helping to reduce MTTR by over 75%.

One-Click Assignment

Permits support representatives to instantly assign themselves to the active incident and notify all affected parties.

Real-time Updates

Heed instantly updates active messages drastically reducing multiple notifications for each incident update.


Automatically synchronises user interactions and message feedback between users and external systems.


Incident Stakeholder Communications

When an incident occurs in any organisation it’s the stakeholders , management and end-users who demand instant, correct, live information immediately. Failure to deliver these up-to-date targeted notifications can lead to a rush of panicked calls and emails to the Service Desk. This unprecedented rush can result in a highly pressurised Support team a frustrated management team and dissatisfied Stakeholders.

Trying to identify the multiple groups affected by a given incident and deliver that targeted information to end-users is a difficult challenge that amplifies the pressure of an incident arising.

Heed's message automation updates the correct user groups with information that's relevant to them throughout an incident, with self-service alert subscription users can manage their individual preferences.

Stakeholder Notifications

Heed provides each set of stakeholders with a single up-to-date and real-time Incident notification.

Targeted Updates

Informs pre-defined groups of stakeholders of any action or process impacted by a major incident.

Instant Communication

Automates instant communications across multiple platforms to alert Executives with live updates.

Self-Service Alert

Heed allows stakeholders to manage alerts for their subscribed services and contact preference