Process Lifecycle Management

Visual Representation of your Enterprise Process at your fingertips

In a digital age where you can track a package from the warehouse to your home or see the progress of your pizza from dough to doorbell, enterprise employees around the world are still wasting countless hours chasing colleagues for updates on their daily business activities, not anymore. Heed’s Process Lifecycle Management capabilities put a stop to this by providing users with clear visibility across each stage of any business process.

Through intelligent integration, Heed delivers real-time tracking, automatically updating any enterprise platform involved in a process, removing the need for users to go in and out of applications to complete digital tasks. Important communications around the process are automatically distributed to key stakeholders and user groups, keeping the relevant users up-to-date and driving any action required to complete the process.

Lifecycle Visibility

Gain clear visibility of your process lifecycle, view relevant data from your enterprise systems and the actions associated with each stage of the process.

Take Action

Find all of the actions associated with your process and check their status. Heed’s two-way integration capabilities allow for feedback directly into external systems.

Detailed Audit

View a detailed audit of all communications that have been distributed throughout a process and the actions that have been completed. All of this, visible, in real-time, throughout your process lifecycle.

Heed’s intuitive workflow builder allows for complete configurability of your process and constant visibility of the progress of your digital process.

Integrate all of the enterprise platforms that are used throughout your process lifecycle. Heed’s two-way integration capabilities allow for instant updates between Heed and your enterprise systems.

Automate the distribution of intelligent communications to key stakeholders and user groups throughout your process lifecycle to drive action throughout your process.

Define sequential or concurrent actions for each stage of your process, capturing feedback from end users, feeding back into enterprise systems or progressing to the next stage of your process.

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