Smart Workfeed

A clear, consolidated view of all tasks and activities from across your enterprise platforms

Our ‘Smart Workfeed’ integrates with your enterprise platforms to consolidate your tasks, activities and processes into one place, allowing employees to instigate and react to any digital actions within the business from a single screen. Heed removes the need for users to constantly access the multiple systems that are required to complete tasks on a daily basis, drastically streamlining online business processes. Heed’s ‘Smart Workfeed’ ensures that users are only presented with tasks that require their attention or input, removing any unnecessary noise and distraction.

Accessible via the Desktop App, Mobile App, Browser or embedding within your existing intranet, Heed addresses the issue of having to use multiple applications in different places, removing the need to be active in several different systems at once. The Smart Workfeed transforms your user experience by providing a real-time view of current activities from any source, maximising employee efficiency and reducing the need to switch between platforms.

Prioritised Visibility

Simplify business processes and increase productivity by providing employees with a single feed, containing all relevant tasks that are outstanding across all of their enterprise platforms.

Take Action

View the actions associated with each activity and check their status in real-time. Heed’s two-way integration capabilities allow for instant feedback, directly into external systems.

Process Audit

View a detailed timeline of all communications that have been distributed throughout a process, and the corresponding employee actions. See a detailed audit of each stage of the process, updated in real-time.

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