System Outages

System Outages

A system failure can occur at any time and have serious consequences for any organisation. When a system is unable to provide or perform a primary function even for a short duration, the effect on staff and customers can be highly disruptive. Heed can help provide clear communication to all associated affected departments of an organisation and provide vital updates directly to its clients.

Heed's actionable messaging ensures users are informed as issues arise, updated as they are restored, and notified when they can expect to be back online. Messages can be sent and delivered manually or simply automated via integration with other systems to ensure all impacted parties are kept in the loop with the most up to date information.

Instant Alerts

Alert appropriate support teams across platforms intelligently via the desktop, mobile, voice or SMS.

Targeted Communication

Intelligently inform the relevant users via the optimum means when a major system suffers an outage.

Automated Comms

Automates one-click triggering of external customer communications directly from the notification itself.

Live Status

Provide users with an up-to-date, real-time view of the system status and the relevant remedial actions.


Keep users informed at all times with fail-over incident communications in the case of ITSM platform outages.

Message Behaviour

Manipulate alerts with powerful message workflows to dictate how and when users should be informed.


SLA and OLA Driven Messaging

Heed workflows inform users of impending SLA or OLA deadlines ensuring they can be met on time or cancelled within the appropriate notice date. The automated reminder workflow can remove the threat of a breached contractual commitment and the financial penalties associated with respective delays.

Our easy to use and intelligent workflows can define individual message behaviour making it unique to your organisations current service or operational agreements. These workflows can be personally managed, organised and manipulated to streamline and modernise current business systems.

Heed’s easy and simple to operate workflows can target individual approval groups based on any number of attributes such as; location, role, user or customer type to ensure deadlines are not missed and contractual obligations are upheld.

Prioritise Workflows

Chronologically order and prioritise interaction with users based on SLA or OLA timelines.

Smart Alerts

Alert the workforce and compile feedback with interactive alerts for approaching SLA deadlines.


Protect your business by ensuring communication obligations are not overdue or breached.


Automate communications to impacted users when a major system or service goes offline.